Football League rule out replay

Last updated : 20 August 2009 By Palace Reporter

"The Football League cannot sanction the replaying of this fixture," said its chief operating officer Andy Williamson. "In any match, the referee's decision must be final, even in a case such as this where there has been an error of judgment.

"To do otherwise would be contrary to the laws of the game."

Palace had a perfectly good goal disallowed when the officials failed to notcie the ball had crossed the line and bounced back of the rear stanchion.

Bristol City boss Gary Johnson has tried to defend his side after facing criticism for not insisting the goal stood.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Johnson said: "I've made a few phone calls to find out exactly what happened so it stops all the speculation.

"I've spoken to the assessor of the game and at that actual incident, just after the ball went into the net, the linesman put his flag in to the air. The referee ran over to the linesman who was still standing with his flag in the air and obviously spoke to him.

"At this point nobody knew why the goal was not given. We all saw the ball hit the back of the net. Then the referee didn't give the goal so at the end we asked the referee why the goal wasn't given and he said 'for an infringement'.

"That doesn't make me a cheat, a liar or unsporting. That's what's in the report and I think he (Keith Hackett) needs to apologise to Bristol City fans, players and management now. They are the facts that will come out of the report of that event."