Scene set for Dowie departure

Last updated : 21 May 2006 By Nik Taylor

Palace have called a press conference for Monday morning amid reports that manager Iain Dowie is on his way out.

Dowie and chairman Simon Jordan will both be present for the conference.

The pair have had a number of high-profile fallings out, and the latest seems to have been the final straw.

Striker Clinton Morrison confirmed there had been a major disagreement between the two and that he feared Dowie would leave as a result.

"I heard something had happened when I went in the other day," said Morrison.

"Somebody from a high authority told me that Dowie had had a bit of a barney with the chairman.

"We will have to see where that goes, but if he does leave I would be very disappointed because he worked well with me last season.

"He is a good manager who has improved me as a player in all areas and because of him I was going into training half-an-hour early to work on things.

"Hopefully, with whatever has happened between Iain Dowie and the chairman, it can be sorted.