War of words betwen Palace and Bristol City

Last updated : 16 August 2009 By Palace Reporter
"What troubles me was that the Bristol City players saw what was going on and, by saying nothing, that's cheating," Jordan told Sky Sports News.

"I don't know how the referee did not see it.

"The players knew it was a goal, their manager knew it was a goal and they could have done something about it - let us go up the other end and score or something.

"There is a responsibility for doing the right thing."

However, Bristol City chief executive Colin Sexstone rejected those claims.

"We have come to expect this from Warnock and Jordan. They are shouting and bawling without knowing the facts," he said.

"As far as I understand it, the goal was disallowed for an infringement."

Gary Johnson added on Sky Sports News: "We knew the ball had gone into the net, no doubt about that, but we got word that the referee had said there had been an infringement.

"At that point, there is nothing more we can do. I can understand Neil being disappointed, but you have to choose your words nowadays.

"Nobody's cheating of course and nobody means to make mistakes."

In my opinion Bristol City are trying to cover their arses for a total lack of spostsmanship. I appreciate wrong decisions are made but this was so blatant and so obvious that Bristol City should hang their heads in shame for not admitting to the goal. The rest of football can see what happened. I hope they all let Bristol City know about it when they play them.

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