Dowie: Why I left

Last updated : 24 May 2006 By Nik Taylor

This week, Iain Dowie closed the book on two-and-a-half years as Palace boss when he revealed he was leaving the club by mutual consent.

Monday's revelation brought to an end a whirlwind of rumour and speculation that had engulfed the club since the play-off semi-final defeat to Watford.

But, having announced his decision to depart, Dowie insisted he did so on good terms.

"I've been here for two-and-a-half years and, like my time as a player, I've had a wonderful time," said Dowie

"There have been some terrific highs and also terrific lows but I do believe the club has made huge progress.

"There is a young vibrant squad with assets on the pitch and I've had a great rapport with the fans.

"I just feel maybe it's time for a new challenge."

Dowie insisted he had no problem with his former chairman, and that there was no bad blood between them as he left.

"We get on, most of the time, unbelievably well," he revealed.

"You're going to have fall-outs and there's nothing wrong with that. He wants the best for Palace, so that's where we are.

"I have the ultimate respect for Simon because he's been here and bank rolled this club," he added.

"One of the best achievements I've had here is helping him not have to bank-roll it to the same manner that he was, because we had some success.

"It's one of those things, life goes on though and I've had a great time here.

"There is no acrimony, but it's just time for a different challenge for me and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see Palace doing what they're capable of doing because I believe they've got a very good squad."