How Crystal Palace's Masters Football Team Would Look in 2020

​It's a real shame that Masters Football fell off the face of the earth around 2011. 

Spending Sunday afternoons glued to the couch watching old fellas your dad keeps banging on about amble around a blue pitch was...kinda special, wasn't it?

So with the football season at a standstill, the last strands of our sanity have locked on to wondering what players would be knocking around if a revival of the concept were to come to fruition.

We've got Crystal Palace firmly on the mind, so shall we take a look at what old timers would be parading around for the Eagles? We think so - with a few rules of engagement first...

  • Only players aged 35 or over are eligible, and they must not be currently playing, coaching, managing or have any other role at a club that isn’t only ambassadorial.
  • Where possible, club legend games will be used to narrow selection choices.
  • If a player has health conditions that would prevent them from playing, then they will not be included.
  • Julián Speroni (Goalkeeper)

    Julian Speroni

    Age: 40

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2004-2019

    Club Highlight: Winning Player of the Year three years on the bounce.

    Club Lowlight: Spending three years of his Palace career second-choice.

    If you wander into the depths of south London, you'll struggle to find a heart that doesn't have their left atrium dedicated to Speroni. Whatever the Palace faithful felt, Speroni felt - that's how closely bonded he was the club's supporters.

    Speroni was the shining beacon of light as Palace endured some dark, dark times so the Masters goalkeeping spot is undoubtedly his. What a ledge.

    Fitz Hall (Defender)

    Fernando Morientes,Fitz Hall

    Age: 39

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2004-2006

    Club Highlight: Appointed captain in 2005.

    Club Lowlight: Lost captaincy shortly after for too many yellow cards and poor performances.

    The man with the greatest nickname in world football was a bit of a early-noughties journeyman but mostly made his name at Selhurst Park. 

    Ironically, the 6ft 4in centre half probably wouldn't fit into most things but he'd do a good job crunching people for no good reason.

    Darren Ambrose (Midfielder) 

    Crystal Palace's English midfielder Darr

    Age: 36

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2009-2012

    Club Highlight: THAT goal at Old Trafford in the 2011 League Cup quarter-finals.

    Club Lowlight: Not retiring after THAT goal at Old Trafford.

    Absolutely loved playing in south London this man. Played 53 times in one season once too, makes you wonder if he spent the whole summer in an ice bath. 

    Ambrose now owns a barbers in Ipswich with his best friend. Very wholesome but come on Darren, stop giving fades and start giving Fitz Hall a rocket up the backside for not closing down.

    Edgar Davids (Midfielder) 

    Edgar Davids

    Age: 47

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2007-2008

    Club Highlight: Learning the ins and outs of Championship football from Shaun Derry.

    Club Lowlight: Only playing seven times.

    Look, lovely reader, I know what you're going to say. He had a terrible time in SE25 but Davids himself said it was one of the best experiences of his life, so who am I to argue?

    If you can have a three-time Serie A and Champions League winner in your Masters team, you'd pay for his train fare and his food all day. Don't worry Edgar, you'll be in fantastic company.

    Ian Wright (Forward)

    Ian Wright

    Age: 56

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 1985-1991

    Club Highlight: Helping Palace to their highest ever league finish at the time - third.

    Club Lowlight: Cracking his shin-bone just as he was called up for England 'B'.

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright! He could probably still do a job in the Premier League so if he goes up top in the Masters, their 'keeper has no chance.

    One of England's most prolific finishers and an all-round-nice chap. He'll score seven to win you the Masters cup, then buy you a pint in the bar after. 

    Nice one Wrighty.

    Andy Johnson (Forward)

    Andy Johnson

    Age: 39

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2002-2006 & 2014-2015

    Club Highlight: Scoring 32 goals in Premier League promotion season.

    Club Lowlight: Not getting a chance under Trevor Francis. 

    Much like Speroni, Johnson is a certified Palace legend. Not just on the pitch though, he was made an Honorary Patron of the club's foundation.

    Him and Wright would make a great partnership up top, with unique goal celebrations and about three hairs on their head between them. Glorious.


    Hermann Hreiðarsson (Defender)

    Portrait of Herman Hreidarsson

    Age: 45

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 1997-1998

    Club Highlight: Being a standout player in his one season.

    Club Lowlight: Getting relegated in his only season.

    The fella who holds the record for the most Premier League relegations (five). There's just something about having an Icelandic defender that makes your team look dead hard, though.

    John Salako (Midfielder)


    Age: 51

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 1986-1995

    Club Highlight: Winning the Football League First Division title in 1994.

    Club Lowlight: Losing the 1990 FA Cup final.

    Not a bad backup for Darren Ambrose, eh?

    No, seriously, he's not - had a bit of a wand of a left peg did good ol' John. Nice chap too.

    Shefki Kuqi (Forward)

    Shefki Kuqi

    Age: 43

    Years Spent at Crystal Palace: 2006-2009

    Club Highlight: Finishing top scorer in 2009.

    Club Lowlight: Making an offensive gesture to Palace fans after he was subbed.

    Right, this guy has had more clubs than Tiger Woods but you're absolutely lying if you wouldn't want to see his trademark celebration on a blue six-a-side pitch.

    Source : 90min