Pahars sets Saints up for a fall

Last updated : 06 May 2005 By Nik Taylor

Iain Dowie has no need for team-talks before tomorrow’s crucial match against Southampton – he just needs to pin up the comments made by Saints striker Marian Pahars ahead of the game.

"When you look at the ability we have, you have got to say we are a better team than Crystal Palace," wittered the bolshy Latvian striker of a team written off by its own manager as ‘all over the place defensively’ in their last match.

"As long as we match them for spirit and fight, then our quality should tell," gibbered Pahars, a player who has not featured in a Premiership match for almost two years.

"The situation is dangerous but we have to make sure that nervousness and frustration do not creep in. We have got massive experience in the dressing room to be able to win away," chirped Pahars of a team that has lost 13 of its 17 away games in the league so far this season.