Post match Cardiff reaction

Last updated : 13 April 2009 By Palace Reporter
The move to dismiss Warnock baffled the boss.

Warnock said: "I don't really know why I was sent off. The referee said it was to calm things down and make both of us go up there.

"Your reputation goes ahead of you sometimes. But Dave was misinformed. Claude didn't elbow him. If anything, he ran into his arm.

"I don't think Claude will get done for that. There was no arm movement at all.

"Both teams wanted to win, and we didn't throw in the towel. But I like Cardiff. I hope they go up."

Cardiff manager Dave Jones does not share Warnock's view and Cardiff have now called for an FA investigaion into Davis's actions.

"I was not happy with what happened to one of my players," admitted Jones after the game.

"Go and get the video and see it for yourself.

"I didn't need the video to see what happened. Roger was left spitting blood and he's been sent to hospital.

"It would take a lot to force Roger off. He tried to go back on but he did not know what was happening.

"We have to go and see him in hospital. Roger was distressed at half-time and for him to go off, there must have been something wrong.

"If he went back onto the pitch, he would have looked around and got hold of the person who did it and throttled them."