Ranking All 20 Premier League Club's Official Christmas Jumpers

​Let's not beat around the bush here football fans, because the turkey's still not in the oven, the in-laws have gone a little too heavy on the Bucks Fizz already and we've got a Christmas Day that needs salvaging.

We all love a Christmas jumper. But just how much do our teams love a Christmas jumper?

Well, to find out that immortal question, 90min went through every club's official website to find out - and we've left links to each team's jumper so you can decide for yourself!

20. Sheffield United

Ipswich Town v Sheffield United - Sky Bet Championship

Sorry, Sheffield United fans, but as some of you certainly found out in the build-up to Christmas, your club hasn't even done some official knitwear for the festive period.

For that reason alone you guys come last, although looking at some of these efforts from elsewhere in the league, we wish they hadn't bothered either!

19. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League

Wolves do have an official club jumper.

And it's actually a really nice club jumper too.

But, unfortunately, the link on their website which takes you to that jumper is broken.

19th by default, Wolves.

18. Watford

Watford v Leicester City - Premier League

If you're desperate for a Watford-themed jumper that fans can't wear, then the folks at Vicarage Road have got you covered.

Rather than getting an actual jumper though, why not treat yourself to an official Christmas tree decoration that's in the shape of a jumper.

Santa really has come early, hasn't he...

17. Newcastle United

Miguel Almiron

That picture isn't of Miguel Almirón celebrating a goal.

It's actually of him running to try on Newcastle United's official Christmas merch.

But will the South American be wearing a traditional jumper? No.

Instead, Newcastle United have designed a festive t-shirt (what everyone wants to wear in sub-zero temperatures, obviously) that includes a Gingerbread man 'dabbing'.

No wonder there are so many protests about Mike Ashley.

16. Norwich City

Norwich City v Rotherham United - Sky Bet Championship

If a club isn't going to put any effort in, then neither are we.

Norwich City made some socks. 

Not a traditional Christmas jumper.

But some traditional Christmas socks...

15. Southampton

Huddersfield Town v Southampton FC - Premier League

That's right, six out of 20 Premier League teams didn't make a Christmas jumper.

Instead, we've had some decorations, socks and even a t-shirt, but Southampton decided to create something else.

They're insisting that their creation is a set of pyjamas.

You can can judge for yourselves...

14. Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton - Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur - kudos for being the first team on the list to actually make an official Christmas jumper.

Also Tottenham Hotspur - kudos for being able to design the s****** Christmas Jumper of any Premier League team.

13. Chelsea

Chelsea v Southampton - Premier League

Unlike Tottenham's effort, Chelsea's official Christmas jumper does at least resemble a Christmas jumper.

Unfortunately, it also looks like something that will be on the clearance rack at M&S during the Boxing Day sales.

12. Leicester City

Leicester City v Watford FC - Premier League

At £15, Leicester City's official Christmas jumper is very well priced.

The only downside is that the club have modelled the jumper on this season's away kit - the pink one, yes - and the final result is utterly ghastly.

11. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth  - Premier League

If Roy Hodgson himself had to design a Christmas jumper, he probably would have come up with something very similar to Crystal Palace's eventual creation.

Club colours throughout, but also a reluctance to actually embrace the cheesy Christmas look and instead attempt to make the jumper look way more modern that it should be.

10. Everton

Liverpool FC v Everton FC - Premier League

We've had to get through a lot of rubbish to get to this point, but finally, Everton provide what finally looks like a proper club-themed Christmas jumper.

Nice one, Toffees.

9. Burnley

Burnley v Southampton - Premier League

If you're not from Burnley then don't click on the link to see the club's official Christmas Jumper.

If you do, then there's strong chance that you'll be compelled to buy it, ditch everything else in your life and become an honourary Lancastrian.

It's a brilliant effort.

8. Manchester City

Manchester City v Leicester City FC - Premier League

Right now, picture in your head what Manchester City's official Christmas jumper might look like.

Just for five seconds, have a really good think.

Well, you were wrong. 

Here's what Manchester City's official Christmas jumper actually looks like in all its disgusting glory.

7. Liverpool

Liverpool FC v Watford FC - Premier League

As classy as you'd expect from the Reds.

Liverpool's Christmas jumper seems to have found a pretty good balance between club colours and over the top festive patterns.


6. West Ham

West Ham United v Newcastle United - Premier League

It's only taken three-quarters of the Premier League to get there, but finally, we've got some wordplay on our Christmas jumpers.

You don't even need a hint for this one, West Ham have actually gone with "I'm forever blowing baubles" on their official Christmas jumper.

United! United! United!

5. Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion v Watford - Premier League

It's nothing fancy, but Brighton & Hove Albion have gone with a timeless classic for their official Christmas jumper.

No need for us to dress this one up at all.

Well done, Seagulls. More of the same in 2020, please.

4. Manchester United

Manchester United v Everton FC - Premier League

It's Santa. 

In a chimney.

Wearing a Manchester United hat.

Great effort for their official Christmas jumper.

£30 is a bit steep though.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League

Arsenal's Christmas jumper is almost identical to Manchester United's.

They've just gone with a better use of colour and have it available at almost half the price.

That's a first for fans in north London, isn't it?

2. Bournemouth

A.F.C. Bournemouth v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Well, this one's bold.

Quite frankly, Bournemouth's official Christmas jumper is one of the worst things we've ever seen.

And it's for that reason alone why it comes so close to top spot on this list.

1. Aston Villa

Aston Villa v Leicester City - Premier League

This could take some beating even in future years, as Aston Villa have combined the cheesy Christmas feel with their club perfectly.

The club's official jumper couldn't have been designed any better.

But what gives it top spot is that it couldn't be priced any better either - just £12 for this masterpiece.

Source : 90min