View from the opposition

Last updated : 16 August 2013 By Daniel Smith

Who are you and how long have you supported Spurs?

I write under the moniker MF for Spurs News. I’ve been watching Spurs long enough to remember games against Vince Hilaire and The Team of the Eighties!

How would you rate Spurs' summer transfer activity?

Apart from the shock disappearance of Caulker to Cardiff I think it's all been very positive. The recruitment of strength above creativity in midfield has been a surprise though given that we already have Sandro, Dembele and Parker. It wouldn't surprise me if we tried to find someone with a bit more subtlety to play in the middle before the window closes.

What do you make of the Gareth Bale transfer situation and the reported fee? Do you think he will leave?

Don't get me started. In any walk of life, rarely can a topic have been talked about so much without any facts or quotes to use as the basis for sensible discussion. I'm thoroughly sick of the story, or more accurately, the media reporting of it. Will he go? Probably.

What do you feel is an achievable aim for Spurs this season?

Perhaps I've spent too much time in the sun, and there are a couple of big 'ifs' here, but if GB stays and if Soldado hits the ground running, given the managerial changes and player turnover at other clubs, I don't see why we can't have a go at the very top. Am feeling a bit giddy, I'll go and have a lie down.

Head over heart, where do you predict they will finish?

Somewhere in the top five.

As a long-term Premier League team, what do you make of the growing activities and campaigns against the state of football today, such as ticket costs?

Taking your example specifically, I’m not sure that a campaign to lower Premier League ticket prices will succeed whilst grounds are selling out week after week. The amount of money swilling around at the top level is clearly obscene. The pathetic percentage that is distributed down the pyramid even more so but still not as much as the proportion that goes into players' pockets. I don't think I'd be as keen a follower of the game as I am if I were growing up now, it's values are so warped and distant from a normal life. I'd love a return to more egalitarian times but what are the chances of those with money all voting for themselves to have less of it? All credit to people who are prepared to campaign for a better game, the clubs have the power to ignore them though whilst the hype and demand are so high and they know it. All gestures and actions that have the fans at heart rather than the bank accounts of the players and clubs should be lauded and applauded, I don't think enough has been made of Stoke's offer to provide free away travel this year for instance. Other clubs are likely to get jealous of the good press and start thinking along similar lines. I think that’s more likely to be a way forward to be honest. Sorry for the rant.

Have you visited Selhurst before? Any memories?

Many times. Favourite memory is probably Klinsmann's trouncing of Wimbledon in 1998, you're probably talking about games against Palace though in which case I'd have to pick the 4-3 win in 1980 when Archibald and Crooks first showed what they were capable of together.

Who is likely to be your main threat on Sunday?

I suspect you’ll find threats of differing potency from all over but Soldado is the obvious answer. Sigurdsson will have a more productive season than last time out though so stick some money on him for first goal if the odds are good.

Where or how do you feel Palace can cause Spurs the most problems?

At corners. We’re hopeless at defending them. Truly rubbish.

What's your score prediction?

A 3-1 away win.